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Lessons & Programs

Let's Jump In!

Our Programs are primarily catered to children and youth, but we do also offer Adult lessons for any skill level. We are also pleased to offer customized lessons for those with special needs as well as private or semi private classes; please contact us and let us know.

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EXCEL Swim Lessons

Introductory to Intermediate In Water Instruction

We believe we have the best Swim Lesson program in the City. Low swimmer to teacher ratios, great instructors, a well thought out program, and constant supervision by our deck supervisors ensures the best environment for learning to swim.

EXCEL Swim Team

Intermediate Comepetitve Workouts

An entry level semi-competitive youth swim team program. Intented for experienced swimmers who want to learn more about the competetive elements of swimming as an intermediary step before joing local competetive swim clubs.

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